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Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Rossiter Drake*


*And Weren't Afraid to Ask


Rossiter T. Drake

1 St. Francis Place, Apt. 6222 * San Francisco, CA 94107 * savefenway@aol.com * Further contact information available upon request.

Summary of Qualifications

* Published in various magazines and newspapers, including People Weekly, the Oakland Tribune, Entertainment Weekly, SF Weekly, SFStation.com, the Detroit Metro Times, America Online, CMJ New Music Monthly, Real Detroit Weekly and the San Francisco Examiner.

* Skilled at research, fact checking, and compiling information.

* Computer and Internet savvy; experienced with word processors and graphic design programs.

Relevant Professional Experience

SF Weekly, San Francisco, CA 10/04 - Present

Music Writer

* Produced story ideas, contributed feature articles and reviews for an alt-weekly with a circulation of over 100,000.

SFStation.com, San Francisco, CA 09/04 - Present

Movie Writer

* Produced story ideas, contributed interviews, features and reviews for a popular San Francisco-based website.

eBay the Magazine, Pleasantville, NY 07/03 - 09/03


* Produced story ideas, contributed copy and performed fact-checking, researching and administrative duties for test version of new national magazine with initial circulation of 10,000.

mediabistro.com, New York, NY 05/03 - 08/03

Editorial Intern

* Composed and updated online content for popular New York-based media Web site.

* Conducted and transcribed interviews.

ANG Newspapers, Oakland, CA 08/02 - Present

Freelance Entertainment Reporter

* Wrote music reviews, concert reviews, film reviews, feature pieces and local living articles for Bay Area newspapers including the Oakland Tribune, the Tri-Valley Herald, the Daily Review and The Argus, which boast a combined circulation of over 250,000.

ANG Newspapers, Oakland, CA 09/01 - 12/02

Copy Editor/Paginator

* Edited news and local sections for Bay Area newspapers including the Oakland Tribune, the Tri-Valley Herald, the Daily Review and The Argus, which boast a combined circulation of over 250,000.

* Designed front and inside pages for news, local and editorial sections.

Detroit Metro Times, Detroit, MI 03/02 - Present

Freelance Entertainment Reporter

* Wrote music reviews for weekly newspaper with circulation of 80,000.

* Contributed features on artists including LL Cool J, the Allman Brothers Band and Mike Patton.

America Online, San Francisco, CA 02/01 - 11/01

Sports Reporter

* Wrote event previews and feature pieces for Bay Area sports section of Americas largest Internet Service Provider.

Real Detroit Weekly, Detroit, MI 11/00 - 03/01

Freelance Columnist

* Wrote weekly Internet columns for newspaper with circulation of 50,000.

San Francisco Examiner, San Francisco, CA 11/00 - 05/01

Sports Reporter/Copy Editor

* Wrote bi-weekly columns for newspaper with 150 employees and circulation of 100,000.

* Generated awareness of newspaper through appearance on local sports talk shows.

* Performed editing, copy editing and pagination duties.

* Beat reporter covering the San Jose Sharks and the San Francisco Demons.

CMJ New Music Monthly, New York, NY 09/00 - 03/01

Freelance Music Critic

* Contributed music reviews to major music publication with circulation of 100,000.

Entertainment Weekly, New York, NY 06/00 - 10/00

Intern/Editorial Assistant

* Contributed copy and performed research for weekly magazine with 800 employees.

* Wrote articles for Fall Music Preview.

* Conducted interviews for special issues with Master P, Eve and the Talking Heads.

* Performed fact checking and pagination duties, as well as various administrative tasks.

Oberlin Review, Oberlin, OH 05/99 - 05/00


* Planned and assigned content for weekly newspaper with 40 employees.

* Generated creative story ideas and oversaw newspaper and online staff.

* Redesigned Review Web site to increase traffic and audience.

* Worked with human resource department to hired skilled writers and designers.

* Wrote sports, news, and arts and entertainment articles, as well as editorials.


Bachelor of Arts Degree in English, with minor in Film,

Oberlin College, Oberlin, OH

Computer Skills

PC & Mac

Microsoft Word, Quark, Harris, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, VAX/VMS, Telnet, Netscape, Internet Explorer, MS Office, Quicken, Appleworks, Simpletext, HTML


Cutler Durkee, Executive Editor, People Weekly

James Seymore, Managing Editor, eBay the Magazine

Annabel Bentley, Director of Research Services, Entertainment Weekly

Ben Hoffman, Editor/Designer, The New York Times

Jeremy Owens, Editor, SF Examiner

(Contact information available upon request.)

only search rossiterdrake.com

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Greetings, and thanks for stopping by my humble website. Whether you're a friend, potential employer or one of those random strangers who seems to stumble onto obscure webpages with startling and inexplicable frequency, you are more than welcome -- nay, encouraged! -- to explore and provide feedback, whether it be positive, negative or constructive. (On second thought, keep the negativity to yourself! My ego is fragile.) Below you will find links to some of the articles I've written over the years for various publications. Links are located below the pictures, so click away and HIRE ME! Thanks.

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