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Jason Mraz: Mr. A-Z *

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Rossiter Drake*


(Courtesy of SF Weekly)

Somehow combining the blandness of John Mayer with all the subtle charm of a swift kick to the groin, Jason Mraz is a distant cousin to the all-too-earnest crooner in Animal House: Listening to his sophomore effort, the cleverly titled Mr. A-Z, you keep wishing Bluto would show up, snatch the guitar out of his hands and smash it to pieces. But no, Mraz keeps going, extolling the dubious virtues of his verbal acrobatics (“Wordplay,” in which he declares himself the “wizard of oohs”) and his prowess in the sack (the cringe-inducing “O. Lover,” “Geek in the Pink”). It’s an embarrassing, self-addressed love letter, directed to the one person who might take it seriously.

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