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Paul McCartney: Chaos & Creation in the Backyard ***

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PAUL McCARTNEY: Chaos & Creation in the Backyard
(Courtesy of SF Weekly) 

The Beatles always amounted to far more than the sum of their individual parts, a point driven home every time one of John, Paul, George and Ringo’s hopelessly flawed solo efforts hit the streets. And though Chaos & Creation in the Backyard represents Macca’s strongest work since 1980’s McCartney II, it’s hardly enough to validate a career that has been mired in mediocrity since the dissolution of the Fab Four. At its best, Chaos evokes memories of the White Album: “Jenny Wren” is a pretty acoustic ballad that recalls past hits like “Blackbird,” minus the gorgeous hooks. But too much of the album plays like “Promise to You Girl,” a rollicking number that has all the right ingredients – the sunny melodies, tight harmonies and pleasantly familiar vocals – but none of the vitality and freshness of McCartney’s best work. 

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