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Disturbed: Ten Thousand Fists *½

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DISTURBED: Ten Thousand Fists
(Courtesy of SF Weekly) 

There’s a menacing edge buried somewhere beneath Disturbed’s bludgeoning riffs and howling vocals, and their latest, Ten Thousand Fists, packs enough of an aural punch to blindside a generation of mallrats too young to appreciate Black Sabbath and too fainthearted to embrace Slayer. But, for every screaming solo and bashful boast (“Power unrestrained, dead on the mark, is what we will deliver tonight!”), there is something decidedly tame about a production so slick, so derivative. “Guarded,” with its frenetic licks and uncharacteristically soft-spoken chorus, plays like Tool lite, while “Stricken” is a thinly veiled rehash of the band’s biggest hit, “Down With the Sickness.” It’s nü-metal at its most generic, and for all of their laughable bluster, Disturbed proves that even Ten Thousand Fists occasionally miss the mark. 

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