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Train: For Me, It's You **
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TRAIN: For Me, It's You
(Courtesy of SF Weekly) 

San Francisco’s Train is nothing if not polished, their full-bodied sound sculpted by longtime producer Brendan O’Brien into a reasonable facsimile of the red-white-and-blue bar rock championed in the ’90s by two birds of a similar feather, the Black Crowes and Counting Crows. Their latest, For Me, It’s You, finds singer Patrick Monahan and company serving up a familiar mix of sensitive ballads, highlighted by “Cab,” a first-person account of a Big Apple taxi driver braving the lonely city nights. It’s slick, shrewdly constructed pop, driven by a perfectly inviting piano riff and Monahan’s gently pleading vocals, and like many of the cuts on For Me, It’s You, it represents the quintet’s most sophisticated work to date. But their sound remains too processed, too safe. It’s lovely and all, just not very interesting.

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