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Tommy Lee:
Tommyland: The Ride **

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TOMMY LEE: Tommyland: The Ride
(Courtesy of SF Weekly)

More than a year into his raucous reunion with the Cre, everybody’s favorite well-endowed man-child continues to push his unremarkable solo career, and Tommyland, with its neutered ballads (“I Need You”) and Backstreet Boy cameos (“Say Goodbye,” a weepy duet with Nick Carter) isn’t about to make anyone shout at the devil. Not that Lee’s latest is totally without teeth: “Tryin’ to be Me,” his woe-is-me rant about the perils of superstardom (“Walking down the street is such a pain in the ass for me!”) nicely showcases his guttural howl against a background of screaming guitars, but this is generic stuff, at best. His individual quest for glory notwithstanding, Lee should wake up every day at the crack of noon and thank the rock gods for his Mtley mates.

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