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Gang of Four: Return the Gift ***
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GANG OF FOUR: Return the Gift ***
(Courtesy of SF Weekly) 

When the original lineup of Gang of Four assembled in 2004 for a series of blistering reunion shows, it seemed only natural that they’d cash in with an accompanying live album. Instead, the aging quartet made its strangest move to date, re-recording classic hits like “To Hell With Poverty” and “Damaged Goods” for Return the Gift. Was this necessary? Hardly. Fans drawn to the exhilarating post-punk rage of 1979’s Entertainment! and 1981’s Solid Gold will find nothing revealing about this Gift, as the Gang sticks to the formula that fueled their initial success. Even so, it’s worth noting that their catalogue has aged gracefully, and that their pointed jabs at crooked politicians and greedy lovers have never sounded so crisp. 

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