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Belle and Sebastian:
The Life Pursuit ***

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(Courtesy of SF Weekly)

No self-respecting rock 'n' roll band would ever want to be known as "precious" and "impossibly cute," but how else can one describe Belle and Sebastian, Stuart Murdoch’s aggressively sunny school project-turned-indie sensation? On their seventh studio effort, The Life Pursuit, the Scottish septet rolls up their collective sleeves and gets dirty, cloaking fiery missives like “White Collar Boy” in bright, irrepressible melodies with a decidedly retro glam-rock flare. Elsewhere, they hop genres with ease: “Song for Sunshine” is, incredibly, a convincing slice of exuberant ’70s soul, while “Sukie in the Graveyard” is transcendent pop, the kind that made Belle and Sebastian an overnight sensation after the 1996 release of Tigermilk. True to form, they’re cute, they’re precious, and – here’s the catch – they’re absolutely delectable.

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