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The Elected: Sun, Sun, Sun ***
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THE ELECTED: Sun, Sun, Sun
(Courtesy of SF Weekly) 

Hot on the heels of Rilo Kiley’s More Adventurous, tireless multi-tasker Blake Sennett is back, serving up a bright, pristinely polished dose of atmospheric country on the Elected’s sophomore effort, the appropriately titled Sun, Sun, Sun. Featuring a fuller, more cohesive sound than 2003’s Me First, this 14-track collection is awash with dreamy slide guitars, languid piano riffs and stacked harmonies, all seamlessly interwoven in Sennett’s mix of breezy ballads. If his saccharine-heavy tributes to the majesty of love (“It Was Love,” “I’ll Be Your Man”) seem a bit precious, he can be forgiven. Sun, Sun, Sun is perhaps a little too cute for its own good, but its richly textured soundscapes and bouncing melodies are hard to resist. 

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