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Preview: Goldfinger
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SF Weekly Warfield
Jan. 15, 2006
(Courtesy of SF Weekly) 

Goldfinger frontman John Feldmann acknowledges his band’s reputation for zany theatrics on the tour circuit – after all, these are the same Wild and Crazy Guys who routinely set themselves aflame and invite audiences to join them on stage for sweaty, orgiastic sing-alongs. These days, though, he’s more interested in showing off the band’s newfound maturity, pointing to their latest offering, the saccharine-heavy Disconnection Notice, as proof. “We wanted to make a record where, whatever we want to record, we record,” Feldmann says. “So we have a song like ‘Damaged,’ which has mandolins and this crazy Indian sampled vocal… I felt like we really pushed the envelope.” Right. It’s true that these ska-punk revivalists have formidable chops – just listen to their self-titled debut, a punchy mix tinged with metal and reggae. But time dulled Goldfinger’s luster, and with so much bubblegum filler, Disconnection serves notice that the boys have lost their edge. Still, the party goes on. The L.A.-based quartet will invade the Warfield on Sunday, Jan. 15, alongside fellow SoCal sensations Zebrahead and Reel Big Fish; call 775-7722 or visit www.ticketmaster.com for more info.

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